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Travel Tips


Steps for trouble-free trips/holidays

In the majority of cases you will book a holiday and have no trouble whatsoever, however, on rare occasions it does / may go wrong. These steps will help you have a trouble free holiday/trip
At the very outset, you need to plan your itinerary well in advance; and then key requirements during travel and/or at the ultimate destination need be noted down precisely and explained to the concerned travel agents/tour planners to ensure as to whether-
  • you have special dietary requirements;
  • you need any particular mobility access requirements;
  • you have a medical condition that can be exacerbated by excessive heat or cold; and that needs adequate precautionary measures;
  • you need a cot for accompanying infant, if any;
  • you have any other special needs;
  • you have medical requirements for your chosen destination, such as, a course of tablets that you are advised to take prior to departure.
  • you need any guidance from Foreign Office ( FCO ), If the destination is in a trouble spot;
  • you need a visa to visit the destination;
  • you need a passport/permit to visit the chosen destination and to carry photocopy of your travel documentation and take it with you, in case you lose the originals when on holiday.

Travel Tips

You can always avoid/ minimize the odd things going wrong by strictly adhering to-
  • Plan you travel itinerary that allows adequate times for relaxation and sightseeing.
  • Ensure all bookings of air flights, rail, car, hotel accommodations etc. of your choice well in advance with reference to your already planned itinerary. Needless tomention, last minute travelers usually face problems of confirmation and/or land up paying exorbitantly.
  • Obtain all information on your entire itinerary from your travel agents/consultants/planner so as to give a fine tuning thereof well before the trip
  • Some things you can do before you get to the airport - Make sure that the airline you are flying has all your contact numbers, so in case of a delay you can be informed prior to leaving home and ensure that you have all numbers with you for airlines, hotels, you travel consultant etc.
  • Leave a copy of your itinerary and contact numbers/addresses with people at home so that you may be reached easily.
  • Pack your suitcases wisely. If you need to carry prescribed medication, keep them in a carry-on bag and also carry some dry food along with you. You can also carry a book for your self and it is advisable to carry a travel game for kids to keep them occupied.
  • Check your flight’s status on the day you’re scheduled to travel, call up at the airport or the airline to know if your flight is running on time. Make a list of hotels near your airport in case you get stuck and have to find a room for an unplanned stay, this will be of help, and of course the airline would usually assist with this.
  • Give yourself more time during the peak travel seasons by arriving two hours ahead of time for domestic flights and three hours ahead for international flights.

Things to remember while visiting religious sites

Some of the world’s major religions find their place of birth in India. Needless to say, that on your visit here, you will visit some of India’s magnificent places of worship. Keeping the sentiments of the believers in mind it is necessary to observe a few cautions while visiting these places.
In most shrines across India, it is necessary to remove your shoes prior to entering. You may also be requested to wash your hands and feet under a tap or tank available there before entering.
It is advisable for women to wear clothes that cover their arms and legs. In some places, it may also be mandatory to cover your head before entering, but, there will be someone who would guide you and tell you about this. Leather is another no - no in some shrines, so you may have to divest yourself of any leather articles you are carrying before entering.
Drinking alcohol and raising your voice inside the shrine is not permissible and strictly prohibited
In some places of worship, people of a different faith are requested not to enter; this may also be the case at certain times when prayers are being offered by the priests.
In a Buddhist monastery, follow a clockwise direction while spinning a prayer wheel, or moving around the interiors and exteriors of the monastery.

General packing tips

Due to its topography and vastness India has a very diverse climate, going from scorching heat during summers, to the unique phenomenon of monsoons, to being chilling cold during winters. Generally most parts of India the climate is mostly warm. Hence depending upon the geographical location and the season in mind and plain cottons or cotton / synthetic blends are the most practical and the coolest in summer.
In the summer, a hat and sunglasses are recommended for protection from the harsh sun, a good sun-block is also recommended.
When traveling during monsoons, a collapsible / folded umbrella comes handy.
During the winter months woolens are required and you should pack at least one all purpose coat / wind cheater / mackintosh.
It is advisable to carry at least one formal outfit, as you never know where your adventure will take you next.

Visiting wild life sanctuaries

Carry clothes, which are pastel or pale colored or blend with your surroundings. Brightly colored clothes may reduce your chances of viewing wildlife. Also carry a pair of binoculars, these may be available at some sanctuaries, but cannot be guaranteed. It allows you to observe wildlife and birdlife from a distance. Make sure that you don’t venture out alone, let others know your travel plans, in case of any problem they’ll be able to locate you or at least guide others in helping in locating you.
The Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act bans all forms of wildlife trade. Violations of the provisions of the Act are punishable with heavy fines and imprisonment. Foreigners are therefore, advised not to buy any wild animals or their products and derivatives like articles of ivory, fur and skin.

Travel Essentials

Airports Authority of India:-    http://www.airportsindia.org.in/
Ministry of Tourism, Government of India:-    http://www.airportsindia.org.in/
Airport Guide:-    http://www.airportsindia.org.in/AAI/main.jsp
Indian Missions Abroad:-    http://www.airportsindia.org.in/AAI/main.jsp

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